Headaches, nosebleeds, sore throat, mood swings and even memory loss… no, not side-effects from a popular medicine, but rather symptoms from mold exposure (McIntosh, 2020). Not only is mold removal important for your health but it prevents further damage to your home. Mold grows on and eventually destroys anything organic, such as wood, ceiling tiles, carpets, insulation and even fabrics (dealing with mold & mildew in your flood damaged home, n.d.). So, it is important to hire a professional for something so serious. This article’s title caught your attention for a reason. You’ve been looking for a company that performs mold removal in Gulf Breeze. Consider not only hiring a mold removal company that services Gulf Breeze, but one that is also based here as well.

Hire a local company that understands how their quality work positively impacts the community.

Sure, many national brands have a presence in the area, but why not hire a local company that you can count on? Comeback Restoration has been in the restoration business for 34 years. Furthermore, they live and work in the Gulf Breeze area. Therefore, they possess a vested interest in the community and understand how their professionalism and quality work has a positive impact. Perhaps mold removal in Gulf Breeze is not what you are after or you have additional concerns.

More than just mold removal in Gulf Breeze.

Comeback Restoration not only performs mold removal, but much more including, but not limited to: mold remediation, water mitigation, flood restoration, water damage restoration, water damage cleanup, and fire damage restoration. Not looking for a contractor in Gulf Breeze? No worries, Comeback Restoration services the Florida Panhandle, including: Okaloosa County, Santa Rosa County, Escambia County and beyond. Additionally, Comeback understands that due to the nature of these issues, it’s not always a nine-to-five situation. That’s why they offer 24-hour emergency services. Get started now and turn your setback into a comeback! Call 850 -530-5732 or reach out on the web at comebackrestoration.com.


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