The Biggest Insurance Claim Mistake to Avoid: A Free Estimate

Have you recently been impacted by Hurricane Ian and/or Nicole? Please CLICK HERE to watch ComeBack Restoration’s owner, Donald Dellinger, share advice concerning the biggest insurance claim mistake: a free estimate.

So why exactly would a free estimate, be the biggest insurance claim mistake? A free estimate can be attractive and why not? It’s free, right? As you have likely heard, “nothing in life is free.” The same is true when obtaining a free estimate. It may be free in the beginning, but in the end, you’ll pay. With the recent damage of Hurricane Ian, many restoration businesses are offering such promises. In a catastrophic event, one can be overwhelmed with what to accomplish and the thought of the expense. Therefore, anything promising to be free can be enticing. Beware though, as something that is free, may be of little or no value.

Free Estimate – You Don’t Get What You Don’t Pay For

Like the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Similarly, you don’t get what you don’t pay for. Unfortunately, a free estimate has been equivalent to no estimate for some people. Delays with the estimate and continual follow-ups from customers are all too common as well. If a company is not being paid for a service, they are not likely to make it a priority. In the restoration industry, proper estimates can take time. Therefore, it is sensible that a restoration company would charge for an estimate. Interestingly, many businesses will credit your account for the cost of the estimate, essentially providing a free estimate.

How to Avoid the Biggest Insurance Claim Mistake

ComeBack Restoration offers one important characteristic that is often absent from the competition – compassion. With over 30 years of experience, ComeBack understands how to avoid the biggest insurance claim mistake. ComeBack not only cares about their work, but about YOU. At ComeBack, it’s not about misleading folks to make the biggest profit. On the contrary, they guide you through the entire recovery process. This way you understand what to expect and avoid being taken advantage of. Whether it’s mediation services for nearly all catastrophic events, including: water, wind, fire, and smoke or just questions about the estimate and/or inspection process, ComeBack has the answers. Let them help you avoid the biggest insurance claim mistake! Contact them today!