The Hurricane Ian Insurance Claim Process can be overwhelming and scary. Are you confused about how to handle your claim? Follow these steps to ensure your claim is processed accurately, honestly and quickly.

Hurricane Ian Insurance Claim Process:

Step 1: Start with contacting your insurance company and make a claim. Once you have a claim number it is your responsibility to mitigate the home to prevent further damage. Take a lot of pictures of the damage.

Step 2: Get roof dried in, tarped or replace. Then have a 3rd party inspection performed. This justifies all damages. You do not have to go with what the adjuster finds. They only do visual inspections.

Step 3: Next on the Hurricane Ian Insurance Claim Process is contact a state licensed mitigation company to handle your drying, demo, hygienic cleaning. They should deal with the insurance carrier for payment. Make sure you ask for all documents for your records. (Same goes for all other contractors. You can sign an assignment of benefits contract, but make sure it’s for that service only.)

Step 4: Ask the mitigation company to provide a scope of work when mitigation is completed. This will help with the rebuild estimate that you provide to the insurance company. Remember insurance company only pays for same, like and kind on materials. The insurance company then will provide you with a check to start your process.

IMPORTANT: Remember the first check is only to get things started. You will have supplements. Supplements are more damages that the adjuster missed. Also, you may qualify for deductible assistance from the state of Florida. Check here for more info.

A note about the Hurricane Ian Insurance Claim Process from ComeBack Restoration’s owner, Donald Dellinger:

“When disaster strikes, it can be extremely overwhelming to home owners and their families. Local to the coast, myself and the entire ComeBack Restoration team understands the complexity and hardship that occurs after a catastrophic event.

At ComeBack Restoration, LLC, we provide mediation services for nearly all catastrophic events, including: water, wind, fire, and smoke. 

From the very beginning, you can trust ComeBack to hold your hand throughout the entire process. Our team of experts are here to guide you. From consulting with insurance companies, meeting with adjusters, finding reputable repair companies, even assisting you with contacting attorneys if necessary. We will assess your entire situation. We prepare accurate estimates of any damage incurred and supply you and your insurance company with the details needed to ensure that you are treated fairly, justly, and that you receive what you deserve.”  -Donald Dellinger, CEO





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