5 Things to Remember to pack when Preparing to evacuate for a Hurricane

Creating an emergency kit is an important step in preparing for a hurricane. There’s nothing like evacuating to only realize you’ve forgotten important items. It’s easy to leave behind things in a chaotic and stressful situation that could be useful to have while away or to prevent loss of items if you incur water damage in your home. You should create a Hurricane Preparedness checklist now to prevent headaches after the storm has passed.

5 Things to Remember to pack when Preparing to Evacuate for a Hurricane:

  • Prescription Medication
  • Important documents including: social security card, birth certificates, deeds, insurance cards, etc.
  • First-aid kit, medical supplies
  • Special needs items: pet supplies and baby supplies if applicable
  • Personal hygiene items and sanitation items

Keep in mind that everyone’s Hurricane Preparedness Checklist might differ. The above list is provided to give you guidance when preparing your own personal list. Not sure what else you may need to bring with you? Check out more tips and advice of what to pack and how to prepare for storms, visit https://www.stateofflorida.com/articles/hurricane-preparedness-guide/

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