Home Restoration & Insurance Claims: Know Your Rights! If your home is damaged, do you know what your rights are? How the process should be handled by your insurance company, adjusters, or home restoration companies? It can be daunting to begin the task of repairing your home after storm, fire, or water damage. Not only is it stressful to have damage to your living space, but now you must fight to receive proper repair services without being taken advantage of!

You may need emergency services, assistance in working with your insurance company, meeting with your adjusters, and possibly substantial repairs. Do not assume that your insurance provider, the adjusters, or even the repair and restoration companies have your back. We would all like to assume that they do and that we are in trustworthy, capable hands. The truth is, however, that this is not always the case.

Home Restoration & Insurance Claims: The Process

#1: Your insurance company sends out an adjuster to survey the damage they believe the insurance company should cover. This is common practice and should happen immediately after contacting your insurance company with details of your damage. What you should know is that YOU ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL RESTORATION COMPANY TO COMPLETE A FULL EVALUATION OF YOUR DAMAGE. You may find that the insurance adjuster and your repair team may have drastically different ideas on what constitutes proper liability of your insurance coverage and repair costs.

#2: Your insurance company may require the adjuster to submit his findings in a certain amount of time for your claim to be approved. AND you may need emergency services during this time! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO ALLOW YOUR CHOSEN RESTORATION TO BEGIN WORK IMMEDIATELY TO PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE TO YOUR HOME. It is important to note though, that you should choose a repair company that is licensed, insured, trusted in your community, and experienced in working with insurance claims.

#3: Some insurance companies will short-change the homeowners. For example, the insurance company may tell the repair team that one coat of paint is enough. Is that ok with you? Or they may state that certain repairs needed were not covered. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS FAIR AND JUST. ASK YOUR RESTORATION CONTRACTOR FOR ASSISTANCE IF YOU NEED TO. EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE THAT HOMEOWNERS REQUIRE DURING THIS PHASE OF THE RESTORATION PROCESS. As the homeowner, you have the right to hire* a company that you trust. One that will guide you not only through the legalities of insurance claims, but that you have confidence knowing that your home will be repaired correctly, timely, and without issue. (*This rule applies most times. Unusual circumstances exist where an insurance company reserves the “right to repair”.)

Important Reminders

It is also IMPORTANT to remember the following as well:

  • Do not delay! Contact your insurance company & trusted Restoration Contractor immediately!
  • Have your chosen contractor assist you in dealing the both the adjuster and insurance company!
  • Be aware that many contractors will sometimes collect your deductible up front. It is advised avoid this tactic. You run the risk of having little repairs completed.  You are then forced to look for another repair company. Choose wisely!
  • It is common for the insurance company to be held liable for the full cost of repairs.
  • A good Restoration Contractor will ALWAYS follow ALL procedures to ensure claims are accurate and not denied. Nor do they MAX the policy as justified by proper estimates, thus eliminating any fraud complaints by insurance.
  • Your damage DOES NOT have to catastrophic to apply for a homeowners insurance claim.

Home Restoration & Insurance Claims: Know Your Rights: If you have experienced damage to your home or business and have questions or concerns, please reach out to us for a free consultation. Our team is here to help you in any way we can! Our family’s have been where you are now and understand how devastating and confusing the process is.