Tonight’s dinner was great, but for some reason your tummy does not agree. As you sit down for number two, you realize you have a number one issue. Your feet are cold and wet, and as you look around for the source, you discover it’s dripping down your water-logged wall. After likely voicing some choice words, you ask yourself, “does my homeowners insurance cover water damage?” The short answer is most likely, depending on several variables.

What types of water damage does insurance cover?

So, what types of water damage does insurance cover? Insurance coverage depends upon the type of water damage. The key is matching the right insurance to the type of water damage. For instance, If damage occurred suddenly and/or accidentally from inside the home (busted pipe), then you should be covered by homeowners insurance (Nationwide, 2021). However, if damage occurred from a water source outside your home (a flood) then flood insurance should cover you (Nationwide, 2021). As if that’s not enough, one must consider protecting their personal belongings. In such a scenario, personal property coverage should help pay for damages to your belongings caused by the burst pipe (furniture/computer) (Allstate, 2018). Insurance coverage is a vast sea of complexity and this article merely scratches the surface. It’s best to call your insurance company if you are uncertain about your coverage. Better yet, if you have water damage, call ComeBack Restoration and they will call your insurance company on your behalf.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage? Comeback Restoration has the answer!

ComeBack Restoration provides insurance claim assistance and will help you through the entire process. Comeback’s water damage restoration services includes the removal of water, drying items and structures. They have been in the restoration business for over 30 years! Big or small, they can tackle any issue ensuring it’s efficient and affordable. Comeback Restoration is fully licensed and insured and offers specialized restoration solutions. They understand that emergencies are not on a 9-to-5 schedule, therefore, they offer 24-hour emergency service. Call (850) 530-5732 or email to learn how they will turn your setback into a comeback!

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